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An Introduction to Sanjo-kai Shotengai Shopping Arcade

Welcome to Nijo Castle area.

Our company has three traditional Japanese houses in this area.

We have chosen this area not only because it is central located and near world heritage Nijo Castle, but also it is super ideal for our guests to experience the local life in Kyoto.

From our properties, 10mins walk, there is Kyoto’s oldest and longest shopping street called Sanjo-Kai Shotengai, I strongly recommend you to take a walk over there. Well, let us start with a virtual tour with some of our highlights.

For Meat Eater: Meat Shop Hiro ミートショップヒロ(listed on Tripadvisor) at the end of the right side of the shopping street(from my apartment), selling Japanese style beef burger, Beef Bento,etc.

Welcome to try the taste of black-haired Japanese cow (a kind of Japanese cow) .

Want to try authentic Chinese food, this is the one—-Gihanebisudo (魏飯夷堂), on the left side of the shopping street from my apartment. The main chef is from Shanghai, china. Their lunch price is around 1000 (+10%Tax). Meanwhile, course menu is also available upon request.

By the way, the building is over 100 years old Kyoto Machiya (a kind of traditional Japanese townhouse)

On the weekends and holidays, you will see a long waiting line outside of the restaurant.

Do you miss Pizza?

Here comes Japanese style Italian food—Sarasa

If you are anti-dairy products, then go to the next store.

For those of you are health conscious, go Sesame. Here, everything is about sesame.

Want to find out how many variety they have? Sorry, you have to go there yourselves. Closed on Sunday.

Next healthy stuff— Tofu. Suggest you to try soya donuts. They have four kinds of flavors: black tea, macha(green tea), chocolate, and black soybean which has been recognized for higher nutritional value.

Like to eat whole food. This bakery is specialized in whole wheat bread.

Instead of paying higher price for Japanese tea at tourist sites, how about getting something from this authentic local store and make your own?

Good enough about health. Since you are already in Japan. If only one kind of food that you must try is Fish. Well, let us say seafood.

This restaurant provides a variety of choices, good quality, and good price. To sum up: Great value.

Doesn’t look attractive from outside, right? Well, let us enter

Closed on Monday.

Like to try Japan ramen, you have two choices. The left one has a website.

However, if you are anti-pork, then forget about it.

Last but not least, comes treasure hunting. This is a local recycle store. Do not let the outside stuff fool you, go inside, you may find some super nice Japanese souvenir at a great price, especially if you like Japanese antique. Closed on Sunday.

We sincerely hope you have a pleasant stay and enjoy the local life here.