Private Residence Nijojo Nagomi
9 guests
luxurious space richly imbued with the atmosphere of Kyoto.
Private Residence Nijojo Yoshi
9 guests
NijojoYoshi is a modernized, traditional Kyoto townhouse.
Private Residence Miyagawacho "Mai"
5 guests
Kyomachiya near Gion, Geisha streets, central located
Private Residence Kiyomizu
10 guests
Kiyomizu is located at the place near by Kiyomizu Temple.
Private Residence Tenjin-cho
9 guests
Tenjin-cho is a lovely tradition Kyoto townhouse, fully renovated.
Private Residence sakura
4〜8 guests
A 5-story condo building, 1 room on each floor, total 5 rooms.
Authentic High Quality Interior and Private wooden bathtub, Quiet and Super Convenient.


The Residence Shin
9 guests
Shin is a traditional Kyoto townhouse with good facilities for a comfortable stay.
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Number of guests day guests