“Happiness of our guests is the first”
This concept shows the fundamental management style of PRIVATE RESIDENCE, our guesthouse.
Our warm hospitality will surely make every guest from all the countries feel very happy and smile radiantly.


Private Residence Nijojo "Sachi"
9 guests
Modern and Comfortable Kyomachiya Near Nijojo & Kyoto Imperial Palace
Private Residence Shijo Karasuma
5 guests
Kyomachiya near Nishiki Market, quiet and super convenient
Private Residence Miyagawacho
9 guests
Kyomachiya near Gion, Geisha streets, central located
Private Residence Toji
5 guests
Near Toji and Kyoto station. A view of Toji from the house window.
Private Residence Fushimi Inari
9 guests
Big modern house near Fushimi Inari.4 bedrooms suitable for a big group.
Private Residence Nijojo Nagomi
9 guests
luxurious space richly imbued with the atmosphere of Kyoto.
Private Residence Kiyomizu
10 guests
Kiyomizu is located at the place near by Kiyomizu Temple.
Private Residence Nijojo Yoshi
9 guests
NijojoYoshi is a modernized, traditional Kyoto townhouse.
Private Residence Tenjin-cho
9 guests
Tenjin-cho is a lovely tradition Kyoto townhouse, fully renovated.
Private Residence sakura
4〜8 guests
A 5-story condo building, 1 room on each floor, total 5 rooms.
Authentic High Quality Interior and Private wooden bathtub, Quiet and Super Convenient.


The Residence Shin
9 guests
Shin is a traditional Kyoto townhouse with good facilities for a comfortable stay.


Toji Temple
Fushimi Inari Shrine
Nishiki Market
Nijo Castle
Kennin-ji Temple


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