Kyoto, the former capital of Japan for more than one thousand years, not only has obtained a high reputation for its traditional and beautiful townscape but also has kept hospitality for travellers since ancient times. All of our staff will do their best so that this invaluable essence of Kyoto may impress all the guests at PRIVATE RESIDENCE.

All the guests will be sure to realize a Japanese-style harmony at PRIVATE RESIDENCE.They will make themselves comfortable there as if they were at home.The families with their children will stay safely and three generations will stay together peacefully there.

Our one wish is that all the guests, all the neighbours of our guesthouse and all of our staff can promote their happiness. PRIVATE RESIDENCE, our guesthouse always seeks after improvement and will make endless progress to pursue an ideal guesthouse for the endless happiness of our guests, our neighbours and our staff. We heartily hope that you will stay as our guests at PRIVATE RESIDENCE to have a pleasant experience in Kyoto.

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