Are you looking for some nice accommodation for your stay during your travel or holidays in Kyoto? Do you feel anxious about where to stay during the journey with your babies or children in Kyoto? Is it your problem how to find a desirable place to sojourn for a number of your traveling companions? Please leave these matters to us. You shall satisfy your wish or get rid of your problems very easily in our vacation rental, Guest House “Private Residence.”

“To wish sincerely our guests happy and well” is the concept which we have had since we opened our Guest House. We would like to provide heartfelt hospitality to our guests from all the countries of the world to Kyoto in order to make them smile happily.

“Private Residence” is mainly a detached accommodation, which was once a Kyoto Machiya, traditional and old Japanese style wood house. We have renovated it suitably for a modern, comfortable life. “Private Residence” is to be reserved exclusively for a family or a friendly group so that they may stay there as if they enjoy their happy life at their own home or spend their pleasant holidays at their vacation homes.

Typical Japanese aesthetics is to put off superfluity in order to make such a rich space with small materials as can be seen in the art of Japanese flower arrangement. This Japanese principle is followed in our accommodation, where neither excessive design nor unordinary decoration is not applied so that our guests may experience the ordinary, everyday life in Kyoto.

On the other hand, modern facilities are fully equipped in our accommodation: Wi-Fi, various electrical appliances, a kitchen furnished with cooking utensils and tableware, a washing machine with a drier can be used for a long stay or vacation. Some of our Guest Houses have bicycles and parking lots for our guests’ easy movement.

A family with babies or kids shall be given a warm welcome in our Guest House. A free baby bed and baby chair shall be used. Our Guest House is also recommended for a good friends’ alumni reunion and ladies’ meeting.

“PRIVATE RESIDENCE KYOTO SAKURA,” five-story building with one room per one story is a condominium type of hotel. It is possible to reserve for exclusive use of either a room or plural ones there. “PRIVATE RESIDENCE KYOTO SAKURA” with five rooms has a capacity of thirty-three guests.

We have accommodations near each popular tourist spot such as Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine, Gion Town, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Nijo-jo Castle and Nishiki Ichiba Market. Some accommodations are situated in very convenient places to make a trip to Osaka, Nara and Shiga.

Welcome to our Guest House “PRIVATE RESIDENCE” !

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