Tenjin-cho is a tourist accommodation which has fully renovated a traditional Kyoto townhouse built about 130 years ago.
Please relax in a bath made of koya-maki, best wood for a bath.

Tenjin-cho is an approximately 130-year-old traditional Kyoto townhouse located in the city center of Kyoto. A full renovation has completed so that its guests may spend their happy holidays comfortably. Tenjin-cho limits the number of guests to only one group a day. It is located at a place near Gojo Station, subway station and Kyoto Station of JR railway, which makes it easy for the guests to visit the major sightseeing sites. Please enjoy the bath to the full in the highest quality bath made of koya-maki and watch the tsubo-niwa, inner garden from the living room of a traditional Kyoto townhouse.

type renting the whole house Max persons 9 Persons
standard rate 4 Persons 48,000JPY~
The nearest station 4 minutes to metro Tozai Line Gojo station
12 mins walk to Kyoto station

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dining room
living room
living room
wash basin

Price & Rules

check-in 15:00~ standard rate 4 Persons 48,000JPY~ minimum stay 1
check-out 10:00 charge for extra guest 4,000JPY maximum stay 30

Floor Plan

Size 70.3 Square meter toilet 2
bedroom 2 Beds 6
bathroom 1 Futons


entrance Slipper
room Wi-Fi air condition (heating & cooling)
kitchen refridge tableware
microwave cookware
toaster dish detergent
rice cooker kettle
toilet washlet


wash basin face towel bath towel
toothbrush wash machine with dryer
hairbrush laundry detergent
hair dryer hand soap
razor iron & ironing board
bathroom shampoo body soap
rinse soap


4 minutes to metro Tozai Line Gojo station
the details will be given three weeks before the arrival day.


Convenient store 3 mins walk Super market 7 mins walk

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